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Mr.Shreek has received hundreds of calls and letters....

  I'll post my favorites here!


Send mail to-
Northwest Community Television
6900 Winnetka Ave. N.
Brooklyn Park  Mn.


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Viewer Mail...


Hey,>Mr Shreek belive me I do know what you are going through cancer took
my mom
>in september, and I am still dealing with it I take it day by day, and
>working on being successful in all my endevors, that is what she would
>me to do. It is good you are returning to your work, I think you need
>creative outlet to take your mind of things (just for a little
>strong, and I hope to see you soon if their is anything you need
please let
>me know.
keep a smiling
Live The Adventure
Cris(Power Man) Patrick

All the best, Mr. Shreek, and may your Mom find peace, and I
know she is proud of your work on the wonders of . . .
Let me know if there is anything I can do.
Shakey, The Shaman

 Thanks for the update.  I'm sorry to hear that you mother's condition is deteriorating, but it sounds like you are handling it with strength, compassion, and dignity.  I haven't been in the position to lose a parent yet, but when the day comes, I hope that I can handle it as well as you are.
Looking forward to spending another season under the Big Black Sky!
Your Friend,
Hi Shreek
I am so sorry to hear about your mom. It must be a difficult time for
My prayers are with her.
I got the last batch of shows and will be getting to them next week.
Take care Shreek
Mr. Shreek
    (This is from Tammy Faye Baker-Tv evangelist)
Please tell your Mom that I am praying for her.  My heart aches for her.  I have had cancer 3 times & understand what it is to hurt & be afraid.  You see my friend, I KNOW there is a God who loves us all just the way we are.  He cares about your Mom & he sees you there trying your best to take care of her & help her.  God wants to help you BOTH!  He knows how tired & drained you are.  And He cares!  Shreek, why not ask God to help you.  Just try talking to God tonight.  You can tell him you don't believe in Him, you can tell him anything -- ask him to make your Mom feel better.  He can do that you know.  Hey MAN somebody had to make that grasshopper!  How much harder would it be to make US!  Remember that "big black sky" also has a beautiful moon & stars in it!
I think it's a harder job not to believe than it is to believe!
I wish I were there to help you with your Mom.  I too have had spinal tumors that cause terrible pain so I understand.  Hey Shreek, go over to your Mom & why don't you & her talk to God together & see what happens!
I've screamed & yelled at God.  I've asked Him WHY God WHY?  I've laid on the floor & have cried until I didn't think I had anymore tears.  When my little tirade was all over I could hear His voice whispering to my heart
    "fear thou not for I am with thee
    be not dismayed for I am thy God
    I will strengthen thee, I will help thee
    I will uphold you with the right hand of my righteousness"
    Isaiah 41:10
Shreek, why don't you go buy a "Living Bible" for you & your Mom.  It's easier to understand then the King James version & just read 1 verse a day for a while -- start with the book of John.
Oh & when those "northern lights" get to flashing pink, blue, green, lavender -- hey maybe it's God reminding us that He's up there!
From an old gal from Minnesota - International Falls to be exact, I'm praying for you and your Mom!
Love to you both
Tammy Faye
What a nice note from Tammy Faye, Shreek.  Isn't it nice to know others really do know what you are going through. I certainly do.
I lost both my parents at 23 within six months of each other and then my only living grandparent six months after that.  My mother and grandmeother died suddenly but my dad, like your mom, died of lung cancer. 
It is not a pleasant way to die.  I was very angry, especially at God, for letting all this happen to me and them. I had so much guilt as you do about not being able to make things easier for dad.  When he died I felt, well just empty.  But you know, twenty some years later, I now see ALL the wonderful lessons and gifts that came out of the experiences was well.  I KNOW this will happen for you too. 
Right now, you need to realize what a gift you have been and are to your mom.  There is nothing you can do to change her health issues.  They're hers alone.  And as far as health care right now goes, you're doing the right thing.  There is no way you could give her better care.  She is out of pain and THAT'S THE MOST IMPORTANT THING!  Just be there for her.  Even when my dad was mostly gone, he always knew I was there.  Just hold her hand and let her know you love her!!!
That's the one thing I regret the most.  I didn't tell my folks I loved them as much at the end as I should have.  Even if it's uncomfortable, TELL YOUR MOM YOU LOVE HER A LOT!  Love has great healing powers!
Take it for what it's worth, but there are a lot of people here at NWCT praying for you and your mom.  When bad things happen to volunteers here, this place becomes a neat little family of sorts.  Do know too how much your show means to your mom.  Don't give it up now.  We'll just run re-runs until your ready.  What a great tribute to your mom...continuing the show she is so proud of.
Stay in touch, Shreek.  Hug your Mom for all of us and give Princess a big snuggle.
Just wanted to write and tell you how sorry i am to hear about your mother.
God bless you and your mom,you both will be in my prayers!!
                                                       Best Always, Scary Steve        
I am glad to see you are showing classic horror movies. I grew up with Horror, Inc. back in the 70's and was happy to see your show!
Keep up the good work!
don't stop sending filmes to Hibbing, ever week i'm
getting one or two more peaple to tun you in.  I'm
59,so i can rember black and white tv and the old
flick.that dvd,i think you get my entree,if not this
one will do,  OK  THANK YOU   JIM MONTCALM
(This is about the pbs special)....Shreek

WHERE:  TPT Studios, 172 East 4th Street, St. Paul

 WHY:  To celebrate community TV

 As part of our gathering, we want to hear your thoughts on the role of community TV in our broadcasting.  We’ll also give you an update on our conversion to digital TV.  We will also describe our plan for including grass roots and community voices on our expanding airwaves.

 This fall marked the successful launch of tpt’s digital Minnesota channel, a non-stop broadcast service that features all regional productions, all the time.  We’ve always seen Community TV productions as a part of this programming. 

 As a kick off for role community TV on this channel, we are to produce a fun, informative introduction to the world of community TV in a program that will include excerpts of your work.  This approach will be similar to what you see in our series on the indie film community, “MNTV.”

Please RSVP and let me know if you can join us.

Take care and happy thanksgiving everyone!

 Terry Evans
Sr. Specialist-Minnesota Channel
Twin Cities Public Television, Inc.
172 East 4th Street, St. Paul, MN 55101

Hi Shreek--I just want to let you know that I got the
tape (Thanks!) and I would like to profile you guys in
one of the next couple issues. 
I have another one lined up first, but I don't know if
it will be in the summer or fall issue.  When I do, I
will get back to you.
Might I suggest an intervention for Me Zombie?  Might
go well with House on Haunted Hill! 

Just wanted to compliment you on the new shows. I love the new bits and 
characters. The skull heads were hilarious!
I really like seeing Mr Shreek and his friends more often.
The movies are great too! I love Gorgo...
Keep up the great work...

> Dear Mr.Shreek,
> I am a horror host fan who lives in Iowa, where we currently have no
> I enjoy seeing tapes of other hosts. If you have any available
episodes on
> VHS left, I would love to receive one. Out of all the hosts I have
> yours has a unique look all its own. Many hosts out there go for the
> doctor look. However, Gortem Shreek is a dark persona more akin to
> hosts I enjoy to watch. Here is to a long history in horror hosting.
> -
My name is Dave and I recently became aware of your shows and am now a huge fan. 
I wish I'd of known about
these old-time movies years ago!!  As I said, I just recently started watching.......
can you send me something
that lists your October shows?  You see, I mark off all that I do see from your list of hundreds.....
i have heard froma VERY reliable source that you have an extremely cool show! I'm located in Gurnee,
 Ill, and wondered if your show could be seen anywhere near here. I'm a fan of horror hosts-my first
was Marvin on Chi-towns Shock Theater back in '58.
Is it possible to order any copies of some of your shows?
Take care
Jack Linendoll
Mr. Shreek,
thank you for the show tape!  I really enjoyed
watching one of your shows.  I am looking forward to
seeing the other episode tomorrow!
I will be sending out that GYT episode tonight, and
wanted to tell you that I am promoting you in the
Creature Features Group!  Your picture is on the
homepage right now!
Hello Mr. Shreek,
I have serveral movie request please. I'm very interested in seeing Beast from Haunted Cave,
 Bloody Pit of Horror and, The Hideous Sun Demon. Are these movies coming up soon?
Keep up the great work!
 Hi Mr. Shreek,
I enjoy watching Black Sky Cinema very much. It reminds me of the campy horror shows that came on when I was a kid. You do a wonderful hosting job also.
Well anyways, the only problem I have with the show is the time slot. Why is the show on Mondays and Tuesdays for crying out loud? Many of us have to get up early and go to work those days. How about Thursday or Friday night? Lord knows TV is boring on Friday nights!!! What possessed them to put the show on Monday and Tuesday anyway?  Please have them rectify this situation very soon! 
Looking forward to hearing from you soon.
I saw on the MNTalent website that you have a show called "Black Sky
Cinema."  Does your show do interviews with actors? I just complete a
horror movie in Hollywood and would like to be a guest on your show.
The film I just did is a supernatural thriller called "El Intermedio"
which is coming to Blockbuster Video Stores this October for Halloween.
The star studded cast included Edward Furlong (T2, Crow 4) Amber Benson
(Buffy's Tara) Cerina Vincent (Cabin Fever) Steve Railsback (Ed Gein)
and me- Paul Cram.
Dear Mr. Shreek,
Would you please send me a VHS copy of your show containing the following movies:
"Attack of the Giant Leeches"
"The Terror"
I love your show, I am in Michigan and do not receive you or any horror host here.
Hello Mr. Shreek!
I recieved the video you sent!  I can't tell you how much I appreciate
it!  I'll be watching later tonight!  I love it.
Again, thanks and  hope you have great success!
I want to be a guest on your show.
How do I enter to win a copy of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? I saw the promotion but dont know what to do to enter. I love the old classics. In fact, at 56 years of age I am an old classic. Id sure like to have a copy of that movie. Even if I dont win, I love the show!
Zenobia Carson
...miss being up there- stupid South Florida! Nothing good down here...
   Anyway, I would like to get a signed pic if it wouldn't be too much trouble. I really appreciate SOMETHING to un-dull my cubicle walls...
   Keep rockin' on, and thanks!
   Jeff Beeching
Myself with a group of friends are trying to start up a local horror
show in AZ and were warned about the copywrites for showing movie laws. 
What dies it take to get going?
I'll write a letter to your show as well..would be cool to have you read it on the air.
As for being a wrestler, that I am not.  LOL  I got the nickname back in the 9th grade in 1991 in high school cuz I could impersonate The Undertaker and I'm a huge fan...still am today. 
Thanks again for the reply, and I'll be looking forward to seeing some of your shows.  Did you want me to send you some cash for postage or anything?  Let me know.
Take care my friend, and it's good to know that there are still hosts out there who still want to be pals with their fans!  Good luck to ya!
Your friend and fan,
Chris "The Undertaker" Adams
Canton, OH
 (Mr. Shreek)
Thanks again for the tapes.  I'll get the cassettes back to you once
they are copied.
Also, Iā€™m currently editing together the program mentioned in
previous emails requesting a copy of your program.
To give the viewer some background on Black Sky Cinema would you mind
telling me a little about yourself and what inspired your public access
production.  Any bits of information concerning budgets, talent,
production, trivia, etc. would also be appreciated.
Thanks again for your assistance and generosity.
Best Regards,
Richard Bartram

Sorry for this late reply.
Thank you for the tapes. The program will work perfectly for
my project. Do I have your permission to use an excerpt and to later
cablecast the entire programs locally? (I'd like to use your plea for
more horror host programs as a lead-in to a segment.)
I've always been a big fan of the old late night
horror shows. They were popular in this area from the late
50s to the early 80s -- right up until the big corporations eliminated
locally produced programming.
Halloween Candy from Mr Shreek!!!
I was so happy to see these, I had to get Werewolf in a Girls Dorm
and Phantom Planet in the Marathon lineup. My thanks to you...
You have to get your station to let you do a mini marathon or
 From 3pm to 1am on halloween night.
Also, we are getting ready to rearrange the Friday night lineup a bit.
won't be for at least a month.
We are moving you to 11pm instead of 11:30pm on Fridays.
You will still replay at 9am on Saturday morning. You also replay on
at 1am.
I like it better to start you at the top of the hour.
Personally I'd like to have you on at Midnight! The spooky hour when I 
used to watch Horror Incorporated and Creature Feature...
Ahh the memories...
But my lineup of the decks works so well for us I am reluctant to
it...Well, maybe some day );
You are doing great work! I must say the segments are getting more and 
more entertaining
and we are seeing more of you and your fun guests.
Of coarse we love the movies but we really watch to see the host and
This is what makes it so much fun.
It has to be the host who keeps us watching!
I still have not seen Mr. Shreek actually shreek yet! I bet Scotty in 
thong underware would do it! :)))
Thanks for all you do for us and your fans. I am proud to have you as
local horror host.
Keep having fun and remember, getting crazy is a good thing!!!
I will get the dvds out next week, need a break after getting
ready for the 4 day marathon.
Oh, and if you have a pic or web pic that we can get to print out we
a wall of fame and would love to add you to our favorite producers.
We like 8x10 but any size can do and if you send it email to me I can 
resize and print it from here.
Love to have one of Timm too!
Dear Shreeeeekster:
I watched and loved the video.
And I never saw those films before, either.
Awesome - where did you find that Karloff commercial?
Let me know when you get around to using the Drac Tour footage.
Cheers & Chills, Charles
"Tours of Terror"
Please send an autographed photo of yourself.
Tom Collins  Poplar Street (edited),Pa.19023
That last group of shows were very good. The side stuff is getting very 
You are doing a great job brining the show to a new level.
I am sure your fans will enjoy seeing more of you and the cast of 
Well, we are gearing up for our big halloween marathon.
We are starting Friday the 28th - Tursday the 1st.
Of coarse you are one of our featured hosts.
This year we are playing around 30 movies and horror related programs. 
Going all out. Should be a great time...
Take care and talk again soon.
Thanks for keeping the horror hosting and old movies alive
My two all time favorites are
The house on Haunted Hill with Roddy McDowell
and When a stranger calls
Have some of the old Universals on tape
There was also one where Karloff played twins
where the younger would kill the older
The older was evil
the younger was nice
don't remember the name of that one either
Dr Boombah
Hey Mr Shreek
Loved the show
Lets all have a Fatty with Me Zombie
Have you got the Boris Karloff  Peter Lorrie spoof on Arsenic and Old Lace
Boris plays a doctor trying to create a suspended Annimation Machine
and they try it out on all the Salesmen that show up at their place
really funny
Saw it a few times on the "Old" Horror Inc
on Saturday nights on ch 5 mpls
back in the 70's
Take care
have lots of scares
Dr Boombah
Mr. Shreek,
Thanks!  I will definitely look forward to gettign your 2 year anniversary show!  I am especially intrigued by one of the new characters on your show, THE ATOMIC MONSTER?  I saw pics of him on your site, and he looks very cool! 

Glad to hear all is well.  We have seen our group grow more over the last year, and we now have over 513 members currently.  Do you want me to send a message to our group from your show, or make an announcement about your 2 year anniversary?  Also, do you want me to mention your free show offer to the new members?  I don't want to overstep my bounds and obligate you to sending out too many tapes if you don't want to....
I am glad to see you are showing classic horror movies. I grew up with Horror, Inc. back in the 70's and was happy to see your show!
Keep up the good work!

Greetings, Let me first say that I am a huge fan . I am a 30 something guy who grew up with the horror show hosts in the 70's. 
Your show and the thirst for 'the good old days' has so inspired me that I am trying to get a similar concept off the ground in my area. I have been piecing together elements and content for a show that would be hosted by a ghoul type character and feature public domain content, but have run into some major questions concerning legalities that I was hoping you might be able to shed some light on and fill me in on your basic procedure.
     The concept for my show is much more in line with Sir Graves Ghastly, who is the host I grew up with out of Detroit, I do not want to give the impression that I am ripping you guys off in any way just really inspired by the work you have done
I am currently producing a public access program aimed at showcasing
examples of the diverse range of PEG programming available around
the country. The purpose of the program is to inspire potential producers
in the area to create their own original public access programming.
The local access channel in my area (Huntington, WV) has recently
been made accessable for the first time, and (with the exception of a few
of my own insignificant productions) has yet to be utilized to its potential.
Hopefully the examples of other PEG productions will motivate others to
take advantage of the medium.
My purpose in writing to you is to request a tape of your program to
use in part (or in its entirety) -- with your permission, of course. I promise
to utilize it in the best manner possible to serve as one of many examples
of PEG productions from around the country.
If you agree, I will gladly cover copy and shipping expenses.
Please consider my request.
ttonight came home at 12:00 turned on chanel 12 got
this old black & white movie that remminded me of
shock theater when i was youger. i loved those old
movies and now i see you got some on. I wish i knew
they were on befor. I'll be looking for more &
telling people to look in,sure they will injoy it as
much as i do. keep it up. need a guide to when your
Hey there Mr. Shreek.  You had sent me a tape of your show to me this
week, i was the one from Canada that inquired about your show a while
On the weekend i had a chance to check it out and i must say i laughed
ass off!!! very funny material. So far from what i've seen you and Me
are classic.  I can't believe you got with some of that material but i
your on public access so that must be why you can get away with more. 
also love how you through in old school commercials as well, i don't
want to know where you dug those up, but it does add originality to
show.  Is Me Zombie some kind of inside joke with you since there
already is
an I Zombie?  All you need now is a Myself Zombie.  keep up the good
and if i lived closer i tune into your show for sure.

Thanks for everything

Shreek thanks the many Public Access stations who have given us weekly timeslots!
  We have 9 timeslots-Fridays-Saturdays-and weekend daytime replays...Thanks !!

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